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Anarchy: Gothic revolution

The proximity of the end of millennium, the masses manipulation carried out by the privileged sector of the society and the convulsions daily suffered by the world, they were the basic causes of the Middle Ages obscurantism. This scene is reproduced at the end of the 20th Century with just a little difference, the dark creativity.

The hippie proposal gets lost between the psychedelic dreams and the erroneous vision of the social environment in relationship to the strength of the enemy to be beaten. Unfortunately, the punk harangue has no effect over the earth habitants and is absorbed by fashion and nazi resurgence; at the beginning, people gets scared, then, become indifferent. They are indifferent because they were born eyes-closed, body-tied and mouth-gagged, and they have the strong conviction that those limitations makes them life easy. They are indifferent because a voice whispers to them "the world is so beautiful!", while a hand takes their bodies into dirt, which fetidness is the only smell that their nose can recognise.

Mechanisation and dehumanisation have come over us and they want to smash us. In this confusion, we do not recognise friends from enemies; so, one day we are fighting in the name of fascism, justifying its annihilation actions, being subject of its whims as pleasant slaves.

The dark wave of nowadays is a revolutionary innovation, it experiments with feelings, myths and fears; it makes the callings to open eyes or to close them forever softer, callings to recover memory in order to learn from our errors and our success and, from that, to create a world completely different to this, which is crumbling in front of our indifferent senses.

At the end, we fall into account that, beyond the official press, which tries to show the anarchist as a neonazi, and the gothic as an assassin, that beyond the nasty commercialisation made by "alternative" radio stations by taking advantage of the good will of people who looks for new proposals, dark wave has rescue this elements from the underground: pessimism, will, marginality, self-management, dogmas and experimentation, and with them it is growing all around the world as a mortal surfeit.

The Monastery informs you

1886/05/01 In Chicago, three workers were murdered during a crowded manifestation. They just wanted a reduction in their labor time. Those days are so far and now we enjoy living in this free world.

1906/06/01 The Strike of Cananea (Sonora, Mexico) is brutally repressed by the mexican-american police. This happened during the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz. People who don't understand their History are condemned to repeat it.

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