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El Monje

That day, that door he had rarely look at was open. When he pass in front of it, his curiosity let him watch what was outside. The desire of explore the unknown came to him, it was as if the Immaculate Lady lighted his way taking him out of the sticky obscurity. He experienced the same feeling of those days when, at the King's care he learnt how to read and how to write. So, in his brain he started to think about leaving the place in order to explore, as in previous times, and then to incorporate his new experiences to that project he planned years before.

Because of his feelings and his ideas El Monje had bad reputation between those who didn't understand him or who were contraries to his doctrine, since they felt menaced, even he was called heretic because of his actions against the established costumes. That was quite logic, since just a few people dares to think about eliminate governments of the world and there is even less people that take action in order to get it. In the same way, human suffering becomes invisible for the majorities, instead, they try to take advantage of anybody.

When El Monje was a child, he was loved by a lot of people, between them there were the Immaculate Lady, the King, the whole Community and a Marriage that was the base of the Community's fraternity, because this Marriage had the respect of everybody. In this community there was an Ancient Woman who paid special attention to every movement of El Monje and he responded by expressing her a great love. But human evil is everywhere, and this Ancient Woman was a victim of loneliness, and she died in a terrible way in spite of the efforts and attentions of the Immaculate Lady, the King and some other people. This was the first time El Monje found death in his way, and he remembered that fact a few years later, when the Marriage broke down and the Wife passed away because of a war that lasted several years. This war was started as a guerrilla inside the Community and in the last five months of the Marriage it was devastating. When the Wife died, the war was apparently concluded with a peace agreement. Since then, the Community was clearly divided because the Wife was the strongest presence of the land and the Husband hadn't the same capabilities, even more, after the tragedy he was condemned to exile and his following generation lived quite hard days. That fact and the knowledge got from people from other communities marked the new route of El Monje, who acquired a revolutionary and melancholic personality besides it open his mind to any sort of ideas.

Anarchy was the result of synthesising the information that El Monje received in the following years. Then, the door allowed him to extend his action area and to tell the doctrine in different places. Scenes of violence that continuously shook his mind were another element to continue his mission, and only in the loneliness of his confinement he abandoned himself to deep depression, to dream off linked figures that build great structures which are broken in the following instant by a Shadow that eclipses truth, that gets stronger, that grows becoming shorter and offers a vacuous help to the blind that tries to cross the pantano to get the cure. El Monje wakes up and knows that there are figures that challenge the Shadow and that fight in the Dark, because Dark is their alley not the Shadow.

El Monje is on the way to eliminate the Shadow.

El Monje has started the journey...

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