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The art of writing thoughts may become a real literary marvel. Each writer has an own stile, and, in general, every one has direct or indirect influences, the main thing is to transmit the whole feeling to the reader, without using a "ready-made formula" that denigrates art making of it a sell-purchase object.

Charles Baudelaire

"... it is more difficult to love God than believe in it. On the contrary, for people of this century it is more difficult to believe in Devil than love it. The entire world feels it and nobody believes in it. Sublime fineness this of Devil."

Charles Bukowski

"went out. crossed the street just right to a mexican bar and drank a beer. then took the bus and came back home. the american scholar yard had beat me again."

William S. Burroughs

"The virus of power manifests itself in many ways, in the manufacturing of nuclear weapons, practically in every existing political system, which points to the mutilation of inner freedom, i.e., to the control. It manifests itself in the extreme squalor of day life in the west countries. It manifests itself in the ugliness and vulgarity we see in every people, and it of course manifests in the effective decease of virus."

Emile Michael Cioran

"From tramps to snobs, everybody spends its criminal generosity, everybody distributes happiness recipes, everybody wants to rule the steps of everybody; life in common becomes intolerable and life whit itself becomes even more intolerable; when there is no intervention in the matters of the other people, there is such a restlessness about own matters that the "I" is converted into religion, or, inverted apostle, it is denied: we are victims of the universal game..."

Franz Kafka

"My writings are a horrible personal spectrum. They should not be pressed. They should be burned indeed. They have no sense."
"Nobody has the right to worsen the patient condition through its own hopelessness. That is why all my scribbles deserve to be destroyed.

H. P. Lovecraft

"Man must be ready to accept cosmos concepts, and concepts of the place that it occupies itself at the turbulent time vortex, which mention results petrifying. It must also be on guard against a specific and watching hazard that, even it will not ever cover to all its species, can make suffer for monstrous and unsuspected terrors to some daring members of it."

F. Nietzsche

"To serve sagaciously- One of the more difficult aspects of the great art of serving, is to serve to an unbridled ambitious person, who being a complete egoist, does not want to look like that and demands every thing to be made according to his will and whim, but always in such a way that it seems to be him the one who sacrifices himself and that he does not want anything for himself."

Marqués de Sade

"This way of thinking that you condemn is the only comfort of my life, it is the only thing that heals myself from its sufferings and prisons, it is what creates all my happiness in the world; and it concerns me more than my life. What has caused my disgrace is not my way of thinking but the others way of do it."

Jean Paul Sartre

"Existence is soft, it rolls and it shakes, I shake, I am, existence is an ended falling, it won't fall, it will fall, it won't fall, it will fall, the existence is an imperfection..."

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